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He who builds a Mosque or contributes to building one, Allah will reserve a home for him in Jannah. You might be interested in building a mosque for your deceased or your loved ones, we collect your fund and do uprightly.


Thousands are fasting without the hope of what to eat for sahur and iftar, your donations will go a long way at putting smiles on faces of the needy.


Lots of them don't live in better homes neither hopes of what to eat like me and you. They expect better days from me and you. The little amount you contribute will really help this course. We ensure every single contribution is discharged across the widows, we therefore want you do more in raising a helping hand.


Be thankful for the free air and bleesings, many are lying on sick bed hoping to get helping hands to pay their bills. Their inabilities to pay leads to their deaths in most cases. They so much need your assitance to pay bills and get on feets and that's why we call on your assistance to help them come back to life again. They will feel a touch of your donations.

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Our Objectives

We are on the mission to see the poor people could make little out of life. We want your donations get to grassroot and touch lives among the needy. Many of them need good shelter to smile, some need food to respire and some need funds on sick bed to return to life. We are a group of young individuals who aims at touching lives with whatever donation you make. They will really appreciate and every smile from their faces is a blessing to you from your Lord.

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Serving Humanity

Our Services

We're on a Mission to

solving problems and reinvent charity among the generation of both young and old.

Procurements of Qur'an

Lots of Mosque are living without Qur'an. The striving ones want to read Qur'an, We therefore call on your assistance for donation to buy QUr'an into those mosques. Remember it's a big reward.

Help The Deceased Wives

Do you know that with little contributions, you can put a smile in a sorrowful minds? Most often people don't have an idea where to start from when they loose a bread winner, your donation does more than enough.

Mosque Development

Contribute your quota and have a home built for you in jannah.

Feed the Poor

Your frequent contributions is a refuel to their stomach. Feeding the poor will not reduce wealth, rather it increases as promised by Allah.

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Support us,

We Need your Donations.

Your Assitance will so much go a long way, we therefore plead on you to make even a very small amount of donation. Every little amount from your pocket sum up to becoming a big contribution.
We need your assistance to help our brother in his kidney transplanting. May Allah reward you enormously and you will never experience such a chronic situation.

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Our Expert

Our Managements

Meet Our Managements, the faces that bridge the gaps between you and the needy you have been helping to survive. They ensure every donation gets to the needy


Ustadh Faisol Aleem Bamidele

King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia.



Ustadh Idrees AdiatuLLah

Ummu l Qurah University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia.



Ustadh Hassan Abdul'Lateef

University Of Ibadan, Nigeria.


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Monthly Donations

We receive monthly donations to cater for widows and those on sick bed



  • Every Month End
  • 09:00 AM to 12:00 NOON

Opposite Adelagun Grammar School, Odinjo Ibadan.



  • Today Tue
  • 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM

We Visit person(s) whose family applied on daily bases.

Prayer Times

  • SalatStartIqamah
  • Fajar04:48 am05:45 am
  • Sunrise05:31 am06:31 am
  • Zuhr12:47 pm01:47 pm
  • Asr03:53 pm04:50 pm
  • Maghrib06:50 pm07:15 pm
  • Isha08:10 pm09:30 pm
  • Jumu'ah 101:15 pm01:35 pm
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